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Are you looking for top Indian songs? Do you want to listen to these highly rated Bollywood songs whenever they release? Read More

Indiansongs has a collection of these top songs on visitors’ bespoke so that they should not keep on wasting their time by visiting irrelevant sites.  Keeping in mind your convenience and your choice, these top rated lists are selected and uploaded by our top management team members who keep looking at every top song at all times.  These top songs are not only come from one genre of music but from different genres. Some of you either like to listen to hip hop or rap songs which are at your highest priorities and other may like to watch Punjabi songs.  All the  Bollywood-related songs will be available on this platform.

Indian music is a facet of all the genres of music and the culture that the country is home to.  As we all know that music plays a pivotal role in the Bollywood movies and each movie contains 4 to 7 numbers of songs. These top songs always come from the Indian movies.  It is not a mandatory for a song to become famous when a film is hit.  Sometimes a successful movie doesn’t have a hit song and in this way, a hit song always not comes from a hit movie.  The songs, though, they gain popularity due to several reasons including singer’s enchanting voice, a good composition of beautiful lyrics and music, or item songs.  Indiansongs covers hit songs from all the grounds.

These fascinating songs give you pleasure and keep you touch with a highly rated collection. The regional music is also part of our list so that you may also enjoy your favorite Desi songs.  The local songs are also liked by music junkies at both levels – national and international. The lyrics of the songs are so powerful that can make you nostalgic when you listen to them while sitting in a corner of your room.  The songs have their own charms and can fascinate you – no matter from what place or country you are. A sense of nostalgia can be felt while listening to these enthralling songs. So let’s play and enjoy them now.

Features That Show Up in Top Songs

Studying the features of hit songs from all eras is time well spent to improve the credibility of songs.  We will highlight the main characteristics that any but not all hit songs contain all of them.  You will also find these characteristics in top songs of the previous eras and the present.  It is not essential for every song to become a hit with these characteristics but you will surely find the majority of hit songs with these characteristics are successful songs.  The features of hit songs are as follows:

  • Chorus songs tend to be higher in pitch than the verse songs
  • The verse songs have lyrics asking the desired questions, describing the situation and people. Whereas, the chorus melodies give answers to questions and portray the emotions.
  • Songs that usually make a body energetic and let them proceed.
  • A hit song always shows a steady harmonic rhythm.
  • A chord of melody progressions must proceed from a fragile to strong.
  • A good song tends to show a clear sense of design and form.
  • It always moves on by step and with melodic leaps.
  • Repetition is an important part of a good song as it is a basic condition of it.
  • Often it includes a climactic moment such as rain.
  • Chorus melody plays higher and louder than any other verse.
  • A unique element is another main feature of a good song that differentiates it from other songs.
  • An apt voice with suitable lyrics of a song is also subtle.
  • A hit song always represents its complete journey. updates the list of top songs with these qualities existing in most of the Indian songs without making a set as a compositional tool.  In these cases, songwriters put these qualities in song melodies and that feelings and emotions you feel when a song just come together are because of the singer’s alluring voice.