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All genres of music have been assembled here so that you can get the songs or genres of music you want to listen to. Apart from entertainment, the singers played a great role in passing down the heritage and history by vocal tradition. However, the quality of the plot leaves little to be desired, the lyrics or the music of the songs will manage in a way to convey the main aspect of the story better it’s telling. The common people would hardly know about the history of music or the traditional dance steps if they have not been commemorated as songs.
The common people don’t have always luxury books like masters and the nobility. In this way, the songs are the substitutes of oral history and traditions. A while years ago, like in the 80s and the 90s, singers were generally forgotten by the audience. Only the songs got fame and popularity during these eras but singers were known as anonymous. But some singers were born to ascertain the dominance of theirs and then they were being recognized by their names.
Songs sometimes give some sharp lessons to the Bourgeois or the people of the conservative class to remind them the truth they have forgotten. These songs serve as cautionary and instructive tales at the same time. The singers compose these songs so that they could be used to influence a large group of the masses, to change their opinions, catchy, easily accessible, and easy to remember.

Musicians sometimes have a purpose to reflect the misogyny, manipulation and murders in their songs. In every region, it has a specific space for its followers. In Indian culture (specific for Hindu Dharam), singing and dancing have a prominent place in their religion. As per the tradition, the singer is the person who worships as a leader and tries to combine or engage people pastorally.
There are many philosophies on what is most important when it comes to singing. In the case of Indian songs, we can see it’s all passion and emotions. It pulls the heartstrings of an individual listening to the song. There are several ways the singers adopt to sing a song such as; Breathing, Tone, Pitch, Phrasing, Vowel placement and Passion.
The singers use these main aspects in a song. But all the variations offer different vocal sounds and arguments. Here we will discuss them step by step.
1) Breathing: It is a weird form of sound that makes a song smooth. But when if the singers use it in a wrong way, the sound seems groundless in a song.
2) Pitch: This is the point where the arguments get its climax in the song. Pitch is the central part in an Indian song composition. When a singer starts learning singing, he/she keeps these essential things in his/her mind. For innovative singers, it is sometimes difficult to hit their song. But when they will try their best to learn the pitch production, they would definitely get a positive feedback. Bollywood songs are the production of such perfectionists and that’s why the Hindi songs have always been appreciated by the audience.
3) Tone: Every song demands a unique sound or a tone. Different songs from different genres not sung in a same voice by the same singer. A pop sound is not suitable for a classic song. Definitely, the singer would change his voice to sing a new version of the song. Though, all the singers have different voice and the filmmakers always prefer to select the singer for their songs whose voice matches.
4) Vowel Placement: It is a kind of technique that the singer uses in a song. Many people cannot place the vowels on their exact place while singing. But the Bollywood singers are much trained in this regard and very technical in producing correct vowels in the songs.
5) Phrasing: In this aspect, it is important to see that how the singers make the notes move with the use of breath, music and dynamic. The audience prefers to those singers who have all such expertise and also know very well how to breathe in the middle of the song.
6) Passion: This is the major and big one aspect. The most essential arsenal in the belt of the singers. If a singer fails in showing passion in the song, then what point does the singer want to convey? is a perfect platform where you will find the singers with all the qualities that are mentioned above. A charm and magic are in their voices that are enough to enthrall one’s heart.