Diljit Songs

Diljit is the Punjabi singer with luring wavy voice. Hundreds of thousand  people are the fan of his luring voice that mesmerises them to their maximum. He was born in the Indian province of Punjab at 6th January 1984. Read More

The Village of Punjab where he opened his eyes to life is Dosanjh Kalan, Jalandar. Along with singing he works as an actor also, a brilliant actor he is. He has worked as a comedian in plenty of movies that went to be super hits for the only reason of his presence therein. He comes from a simple family with his mother, a simple housewife, and his father, a loyal employee of the Punjab Roadways. As he has been living in Punjab ever since he was born so, his Punjabi language skills are really cool that add much to his acting and singing capabilities.

Following are some of the best Diljit songs that you must check in order to entertain yourself.

1: Do You Know:

It is a latest Diljit Song that is very cool and has brilliant music within it. You would surely love this one for the cool lyrics and fine music it has. Diljit has taken full advantage of his throat in this one.

2: 5 Tarra:

It was released in 2015 and gained much popularity. If you have not heard this one yet then you must check this one out for the reason of its wonderful Punjabi music.

3: Pagh Wala Munda:

It is a fun filled song. It has actually been sung for the Singhs and Punjabi guys who wear a turban. Diljit has added much entertainment to this song by singing this song in the best possible way. His voice totally compliments the lyrics and music of this song.

4: Proper Patola:

The Punjabi songs are famous for the loud music and fine Punjabi funny lyrics. It is a funny Punjabi song. Do not miss this one as it is one awesome song.

5: I love you ji:

This is a good romantic song with a funny touch. If you love your girl a lot and want to make her feel happy then you must make her listen to this song. She would love this one as she would consider the lyrics to be coming from your side.

6: Razamand:

Are you looking for a latest Diljit song? Do you want a song that has not yet been heard by any of your friends? Do you want to surprise your friends with a wonderful new diljit song? If yes, then you can make them listen “Razamand” by Diljit.

7: Rumal:

We love this song and we are sure that you would love this one as well!

8: Aja Bhangra Paa layie:

This is a bit old Diljit song but it has everything that you would need. From bhangra beats to fine punjabi lyrics. If you are up for some dhoom dhamaka and can’t think of a song that would make you have utmost fun then let us help you in this regard with this rocking song.

9: Ik kuri:

It is the best romantic song released in the year 2016. Its poetry is so fetching and catchy that at no point while listening the song person feels to think about any other thing. If you want to experience the thing that we are telling then you only need to play this one for you.

10: Jhanjer:

Jhanjer is mainly considered as a jewelry made for dancing. The dancing feet of a girl look more attractive when they have anklets in them. You would find a lot of Bollywood and Punjabi songs that revolve around the word “jhanjar”. One such example is the Diljit song “Jhanjer” that has all beats for assisting the feet thumps while a girl dances.

11: Desi Daru:

What a song it is! You would find lovely beats within it to dance on and great lyrics to make your heart jive on them. This song is a piece that would make your party rock and would bring all of your guests on the dance floor even the shy ones. Yeah! we aren’t kidding, try this at your party. You would end up exclaiming “Wow! what a song.”