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Are you a new songs lover? Do you love to listen and watch new songs of Bollywood, Hollywood and yes Pakistani too? Now, there is no need to feel fed up. You are on a right platform where you can watch and listen to the music you desire.Read More

These songs are a real melody that is sweet and enough to entice one’s heart. It is an abstract entity encompasses different versions and renditions of music composition. In some cases, people choose songs for the wonderful lyrics whereas others like listening to the songs to enjoy the music or tune. has both of these genres of music for its viewers.
A song can be played by a solo singer or a band of musicians and represented either in a classical way or an artistic way. The Indian Songs have come up with the Indian movies which have a broad appeal all around the world.
Latest songs are mostly composed in a unique and up to date format for what the audience is a junkie and wants to get approach before anyone. A new form of songs is commonly known as a remix version or the recreation of old songs which gives sweet melody and a new taste to the music lovers. You can listen to the evergreen songs that have a great impact on your minds. These popular songs are well appreciated by a large group of people according to their own taste. In this way, the most admired songs have become as a remnant of the music history. So, the charm of such songs is permanent and difficult to vanish its influence among the people.
Now, you can listen to new songs from different categories such as; movies, Coke Studio, Singles, Drama, Punjabi, Sad and Pakistani songs. The first category of songs is related to Indian movies. ‘Indian movies’ is the world famous category among the others. Bollywood filmmakers try to produce each film with a proper composition of different songs. The music is composed by the world renowned musicians. Though the filmmakers prefer an item song in the movie, which can become viral on the internet and on Now-a-days, everyone in India or outside the border has become familiar with this genre of Indian music.

The site offers to its visitors a variety of songs from Pakistan based television series titled Coke Studio. It is another famous category which has become very popular among the Indian fans too within a very short time period. It features live studio recorded songs that are performed by the Pakistani musicians. It is run by the Pakistani veterans and music composers. The studio focuses on the fusion of diverse songs and musical influences in Pakistan as well as in India. It has a different combination of music including bhangra, qawwali, Sufi, ghazals, pop, rock, hip hop, classical and folk music.
The other category refers to single songs produced by solo singers. This is the production of the singers that are released for a separate sale of a large variety of different songs with different formats. The single songs are also part of the album, but they are separately released to get the public attention. Though they usually appear on the album, too. You can get approach to all new and the latest single songs in this portion.
The other main category is drama. The songs of the Pakistani dramas are widely appreciated by the fans of Pakistan and India equally. The strong plot of these Pakistani dramas is enough to entice the heart of the people across the border. For this reason, the drama directors hire some veteran singer to sing a song for their dramas which become popular. According to the demand and taste of the audience, represents new songs of Pakistani dramas on this page.
Punjabi music lovers will surely feel pleased after knowing that there is also a large collection of music of their favorite Punjabi signers. Punjabi movie songs and single songs, both are equally uploaded here once they are released on their official sites.
To get latest updates about the new songs of each category, you can visit and watch your favorite songs collection.