Baar Baar Dekho

Baar Baar Dekho is an Indian romantic drama film directed by Nitya Mehra who made her debut in Indian cinema by producing this film. The flick features Katrina Kaif and Sidharth Malhotra in the leading roles while the supporting characters are played by Sarika, Ram Kapoor and Taaha Shah Badusha in the film. It is for the first time that Sidharth Malhotra and Katrina Kaif appeared together on the big screen.Read More

The hunky hero and his gorgeous co-star share a sizzling chemistry in the film which directly struck a chord with fans. The story line of the film is certainly intriguing but it is fact that the songs of the film have stolen all the show.
Katrina and Sidharth have a large line of fan base across the globe dancing to their song, ‘Kala Chashma’ and the proof is in more than 126 million hits the song has crossed on YouTube. Besides that the soundtrack has also become as the most covered song and set as the wedding song in the country. It has set as the most favorite track for the upcoming wedding season in India.
Storyline of the film, ‘Baar Baar Dekho’
The film is neither a science fiction nor a ‘time travel’ based film. The storyline is based on the modern day love story. It was believed that the film to be based on time travel. But the director Nitya Mehra put all those rumors to rest by saying that the film is a unique love story. The movie revolves around the main protagonists and chronicles the magical love story of Diya and Jay. It follows the protagonists’ journeys from teenagers to a 60-year old married life. It is basically a ‘new age love story’. All the credit goes to Jay who beat the ode to get back his love – Diya.
The story begins with Jay and Diya who are childhood sweethearts. Jay is a Maths professor and Diya is an artist. Jay struggles hard to get a fellowship at Cambridge University but on the other side, Diya wishes to get married to her childhood beau. Jay shows his willingness to get married to her reluctantly but instantly the thought of ‘Saat Pheras’, rituals, family problems, and the fear of weddings ending in the form of divorce stimulate to change his mind.
He tells Diya on his wedding day that he has some other plans to make his bright future and can’t marry to her. Diya walks away with a broken heart. He gets drunk and faints only to get up in Thailand on his honeymoon. He finds out that it has been two days since he got married to Diya. He tries to remember it, but has no memory of it. Next morning, he wakes up in his dream land and discovers that his wife is about to deliver their child. He feels he has been time travelling and suspects that the pundit who had told him the importance of wedding rituals, may be doing all this on purpose.

The time travelling continues through age and time quickly, and then he realizes that he is 60 and alone. He sees all that that he had thought on his wedding day, the death of his mother and Diya demanding separation for Nikhil. His two children who are grown up, hates him for not being there for them. He gets a chance to travel back in time and make the right decisions to avert future setbacks. This time around, he gives priority to his wife and children and this is what that allows him to travel back, right from the beginning. He drops his dream of career and gets married to Diya. He learns to value the present instead of chasing the future.
The main theme of the film revolves around the reality of today. Nitya Mehra portrayed this story in a very beautiful way which is enough to marvel the audience. The storyline is strong and what it needed was to borrow the soundtracks like Kala Chashma song which has turned into as the most sensational song of the year. always keeps the latest songs of the upcoming movies to update its audience time to time. The sizzling song Kala Chashma is uploaded here. Just click on this video song and enjoy it.