Hindi Movie Songs

People have always loved to watch movies and songs.  Often when a filmmaker introduces a new face to the public that they have never heard of before and offers a variety of new songs through the channel of protagonists. Read More

Indian cinema has been working for ages to bringing a variety of songs of all released movies.  Indian legacy is as old as the practices of Hinduism and music is one of the religious practices in Hinduism.  That’s why we can see these elements in every Indian movie and songs.

Music is a major part of the Indian movie.  There are a number of crucial features that an Indian movie should emphasize including directing, writing, acting, strong script, dialogues etc, but song is the basic feature that directly connects with your emotions and feelings. It can sweep you up with great skills and most convenient way to achieve.

People often love all the ways of music that is used in the Bollywood films.  The filmmakers ever try to set your mood by adding color and solidify with the scene.  The audience has motifs, known as a short form of sounds that the filmmaker use in the movie to associate his/her audience with the protagonist, object, or emotion. This piece of music repeats throughout the movie.

The power of music is infinite.  It directly affects the senses of the audience as watching a scary movie will definitely rely on its music which aiming to grab the attention of the viewers.  In Indian movies, songs and dance have played the most important role.  In every era, from epic to Parsi theatre, the music has its own influence on Indian cinema.  Every era is recognized for its own traditional and cultural use of music and dance in the flicks.  With the dawn of time, Indian art continued to introduce the songs and dance for every occasion.

However, many aspects of Indian culture have been changed with the passage of time.  It won’t be wrong if we partially say that the influence of western cultures is the only reason of this big change. But the legacy of songs remains same largely and actually have become as the main category of movies.

Looking at different forms of music such as romantic, classical, comedy, religious and the historical songs in Hindi movies through an ethnographic eye, we will be able to see the cultural ideas representing through the medium of songs.  Ethnomusicology is a literary term that gives us a broad vision of cross-influence of biology, politics, and culture on music.

The Bollywood movies have various other songs too, with different themes and genres.  Some of these are combined and included about tragedy, anger, action, and a tribute.  In all cases, the song with its themes and genres is the main feature of Hindi movies.

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The movie songs are sung by the world renowned singers like Lata Mangeshkar, Kumar Sanu, Udit Narayan, A. R. Rehman, Muhammad Rafi and Ankit Tiwari.  The sweet enchanting voice is  also another big reason of making songs popular and worth listening.  These veteran singers struggle hard in composing a song.  You can easily watch your favorite singer’s songs in singers category.

India is a state which is full of legendary tales, traditions and historical figures.  Thus, the Bollywood movie is known as the reflection of the culture, tradition, and historical stories.  Films combine all the attractive plots in a unique way and with the proper use of musical instruments.  Indian  films have proved that the films are not just a visual medium but a mesmerizing sensory experience.  A rhythm in the music can explain the feelings in a better way that the words are inadequate and cannot.