Mehndi Songs

Is your Mehndi function just around the corner? Do you want it to be filled with utmost fun? Do you want your guests to never forget your mehndi function and have a good time? Well! you can take the help of best quality music that would make them jive.Read More

The fun of a mehndi function totally depends upon the music. It helps the couple, their families and the guest to rejoice the function. Rasm-e-mehndi is incomplete without dholki and dances in our culture as people find dancing and singing on a wedding to be a part of their culture.They regard it as an important part of the wedding that makes the day beautiful and unforgettable. As this is the day that never comes back hence, there has to be nothing that may cause the couple to be bored. Each moment must be filled with happiness.This is the best day for the couple that they can never forget. So, why not make the memories special? Why not make this day worth remembering? Why not add more jubilance to this day? Here you must be wondering as to how you can do this? To be honest, this is not a difficult endeavor all you have to do is to pick the perfect set of songs to make this a rocking day. We completely understand that it is a tough game to chose the best songs for the mehndi function. Hence, here we have formed the list of the songs for different moments of the mehndi function.
Sajjan Ji ghur aye
This song must play at the back when the groom enters the hall. Though the bride wouldn’t be present to see him but this song would pop thousands of “laadus” (sparks) in her heart.
Teri ore teri ore:
Bride always feel being dragged towards the groom but she can’t express her feeling in the literal words. So, to express that love, that feeling, that desire there is a need of a song that might say everything. If you want such a song then go for “teri ore” from the Bollywood movie “singh is king”. It would communicate your feelings to your groom and would make the moment ecstatic, gleeful, exuberant. This song must be played while the bride enters the hall and walks to reach the groom.
Mehndi Hai rachne wali:
This is the song that you can make your mother and all the aunts to memorise and sing along a dholki.This is a very easy song that is loved by all. As it is a slow song hence, all the old aged women would love singing on it. Don’t you want them all to enjoy your day?
Lathay di chaddar:
Are your cousins planning a dance performance? Are you looking for a song that might help them to show their “latka jhutka” moves? Ok! here is the best idea. Ask them to prepare one on the “lathay di chadar” song. It is the best song that allows the dancer to show various moves.

Has it always been your dream to have a dandiya dance in your mehndi function? Are you worried as to what song must be played at the back of the dandiya? Do not worry on that as the song ” gal mithi mithi bol” from the Bollywood movie “Aisha” would do good for you. The music of this song is such devised that it has proper breaks and cuts for the dandiya dance.
Utha Le Jaun Ga:
Here comes the best song that would add much fun to your day. There are a lot of things that a person can’t say but songs can do that for him/her. The song “Utha lae jaun ga” from the bollywood movie “yeh dil ashiqana” is one special song that would help the couple to be puckish with each other. This must be played when the groom and bride are sitting side by side and the mehndi rasam is on. You can play “tenu la k mein jaawan ga” if you do not like this song much.
Hathon pe Likh k Mehndi se sajna ka nam:
Songs are a great part of mehndi function as without that the rasm is incomplete. The songs arouse the feelings of love between the couple. For-example; “hathon pe likh k mehndi se sajna ka nam” is the song that makes the bride feel as if she is getting ready for the groom and her groom would love her hands more as his name is engraved there on. On the other hand, the groom feels that his bride loves her intensely that she is getting his name written on her palms.
leh gayi saada dil kad k:
Diler mehndi’s song “leh gayi saada dil kad k” is a perfect fit for the bhangra time. This must be played right after the mehndi rasam is over and everybody is ready to hit the dance floor. As this is an easy song filled with great dhol dhamaka hence it would make it easy for everybody to do some some “balley balley” on it.
Mehndi function is actually celebrated to unite the hearts of the bride, groom and their families. It is actually a day that allows both the families to enjoy the wedding to its maximum. Hence, the day must be celebrated with the best love and dance songs that may add more sugar to the love of the couple and their families.