Indian Old Songs

Bollywood industry serves as a good source of Old Indian Songs. Many of the Hindi songs are well known from Indian cinema. The old songs are most prominent due to the legend singers including Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosle, Kishore Kumar and many other singers. Read More

The magical voice of these legend singers has ruled over the industry for centuries. These veterans are ruling over the hearts of the people not only in India but all across the word. The sweet voice of the above mentioned singers still spelling the enchantment to entice the hearts of the music lovers.
When you listen to an old Indian song, a fusion of imagination comes to your mind that can fly you from the world of malice. Indeed, these songs have a magical charm that touches our hearts in the way that the dew falls on leaves and refreshes in the before the dawn. Old composition is the best version among the others. This version has the power to make happy a sad one and can let fell someone in love.

Indian music history dates back to the prehistoric times and is actually regarded as one of the oldest worldwide. Many experts have claimed that the origins of the Bollywood music are associated with the age when the musicians were used to produce the Vedas. But it doesn’t matter for music lovers that to which age the history Indian music belongs to. They still believe that it has played a vital role in developing the culture and tradition heritages of the country. Indian songs are based on the musical instruments and the fusion of vocals but many of them have performances, too. The combination of these three basic elements is known as Sangeet. In the Indian movies, the songs are composed and been represented in the films with the combination of the three. The performance of the characters in the songs took place in the temples, royal court, villages, birthdays or wedding parties to entertain the people. represents all the old Indian Songs from Bollywood movies that are sung by different singers. You can listen and watch the video songs of this old category according to your own choice of singers. These songs incite the reminiscences of teenagers and youth and leave them in a tranquillity. The young generation can feel the emotion and emotion aroused elements in the old songs either they are unaware of the 90s collections but they do love to listen to the old songs, too. The selection of words and poetry was being written and used passionately in the early history of music.
Difference between old songs and new songs
The difference between the old and new songs is very big. The songs of the 90s were very much soothing, heart warming and soft and the best thing was the lyrics and the words of the songs. The lyrics of the songs were meaningful which were great and easy to understand. In the early history of Indian cinema, the rap or rock songs were uncommon in Bollywood movies. The Indian music industry has different genres of Indian cultures in the 1990s with a little touch of 1980s Western traditions.
In 2010, the inclusion of rap, rock, hip-hop and trance become common in the Bollywood songs. The songs of these days are not that much good and soothing. A few out of hundreds may be good with meaningful lyrics, mind soothing stuff, and good picturization. The movie makers still producing a number of movies having classical and cultural songs such as; Prem Ratan Dhan Payo, Deewani Mastani, Ek Paheli Leela and many others. But, in 2010s Indian music has been introduced singers like Yo Yo Honey Singh, Badshah, and Raftar to the Bollywood industry.
Bollywood music has continued to develop and evolve through the eras. It has formed the lives of almost every individual living in the country or outside of the borders. Many foreigners have taken the Indian culture to read and learn about the Indian music.
Thus, it is rightly said that old is gold. compiles all the old songs from different legend singers at one place for you. Indulge into the melancholy can listen to the old video songs of the earlier era only on