Ghazals are considered as the food of the melancholic souls. A heart broken soul or a divest sad can get relief in sorrows and in pain. Ghazal is a form of poetic verse that is consisting of rhyming couplets. Each of this rhyming couplets consists the same meter.Read More

A ghazal can be considered as the means of conveying the sorrow or grief of separation or loss and can also depict the beauty of love respectively in spite having the pain of that love. A ghazal singer depicts the sadness of the lover through words and by using slow music.
Ghazal is an integral part and as a root of music. According to the legend ghazal singers, it is a collection of couplets that follow the rules of ‘Beher’, ‘Radif’, ‘Maqta’, ‘Kaafiyaa’ and ‘Matla’. All these terms can equally use in ghazals.
What is a couplet?
It is a form of poem having two lines. This is a deceptive simple definition of a poem. Although it is a very short and easy description of the poem, but it is also important that these two lines must be meaningful that have contained some messages conveying to the audience.
So, Ghazal is the collection of two line poems. Any collection having two line poems can be called ghazals but two lines of a poem is not a ghazal.
Origins of the Ghazals
In pre-Islamic history, the ghazal was not renowned as a major part of the poetry in Arabia. This era is known as the period of the ‘golden odes’ – the great Arabic qasidas. But after the revelation of Islam, it was become as an integral part of almost every Islamic poetry. Now it is regarded by the modern scholar as an essential psychological need for both poet and audience.
After so many forms of ghazals, the form of Persian ghazal spread out among the Persian speaking area, especially the first one was the Indian sub-continent, the regions of Turkish and then into Europe. In the case of the Indian ghazals, poets were familiar with the Perian language. The Indian poets were the ones who adopt ghazal into their native languages.

In India, the diverse forms of late Persian ghazals were written in Persian tongue and style by the Indian poets. Amir Khoosro was the first one who took ghazals and wrote it in this form. He also wrote ghazals in Hindi language. Ghalib was one of the most recognized practitioners who took this form of ghazal and introduced it in Urdu.
Today, ghazal is written in Hindi, Punjabi, Bengali and Gujarati and also many other major languages that are the part of the continent. In Indian cinema, the most appealing ghazals are written and sung by the veteran singer Jagjit Singh. His ghazals are still loved and appreciated by a large number of people in India. Here are some of his best ghazals such as; ‘Ya Dolat bi la lo ya shourat bi la lo’, ‘bhaley cheen lo muj sa meri jawani’, and ‘pur muj ko lota do buchpun ka sawun’. The heart touching lyrics of these ghazals can turn someone into tears. Besides Jagjit Singh, there are also many other poets and ghazal singers who have a magical voice to enchant the audience. The names of these legends are Pankaj Udas, Talat Mahmood, Penaz Masani and many others.
As per the rules of late Persian ghazal, the Indian sub-continent poets have included a relaxation of ghazal and certain formal restrictions. Many ghazals poets and/or singers have used an alternate form of couplets and meters for each hemistich and many couplets dispense with the takhallus (pen names) while holding the radif. Many innovations have taken place as a consequence of the form of ghazal that is being adopted by the poets writing in European languages. preserving all the ghazals written by the classic or traditional poets. Not only Indian, but also Pakistani ghazal singers have also taken place in the world of Indian cinema. They are equally appreciated by the Indian fans and the Pakistani. They have a large base of fans in India too. The very legend ghazal singer like Ghulam Ali is a well renowned singer who classic ghazals are still being listened in the contemporary era of the Bollywood industry.
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