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We are ready to bring all the varieties of songs including sad, old, rap, pop, mashups, remixes, wedding, movie songs, top 10, Punjabi, Ghazals, Pakistani and Coke Studio Songs. The Punjabi songs lovers must glad to know that Indiansongs is all set to introduce a Punjabi section for its Punjabi fans. Here you will find all Punjabi new songs that are composed in a single form or featured in a movie.
As we all know that Hindi movies are introducing many top Punjabi songs through their Hindi movies like Menu Kala Chashma from an Indian movie Baar Baar Dekho. The song got viral on the YouTube and They have received millions of visitors after its release on the internet. Although Baar Baar Dekho is an Indian Hindi language movie but it has introduced this Punjabi language song which has been everywhere ever since it came out. It is considered as the wedding song of the year.Read More

Besides this song, a large variety of Indian movie songs are updated here on daily basis. Classical music lovers can get old classical songs on Ghazals category. Classical music is as old as the existence of music itself. It is mainly divided into Carnatic music, which was found in peninsular region, and Hindustani music, which originated in the northern, eastern and central regions. It directly links the spiritual power to the worldly. The classical songs are directly influenced by the Indian historical Vedic philosophy, musical instruments, Mughal Emperors practices and performances and native Indian sounds. Each raga in Carnatic music is different from one another and today that ragas are exceeded up to 300. is a fusion of all promising genres. Songs mix classical and folk with pop, hip hop, rock, rap and so on. Most veteran and Oscar winning singers are here with all their incredible and world famous songs in the category of Singers. You just need to click on the category link and select the singers you want to listen to.
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